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"Every aspect of the Stability Plus Spring System has been engineered to ISO9001 and the highest level of precision and innovation"

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Dynamic Suspensions' patent pending Stability Plus Spring System has been proven and tested in the harshest environments of Australia. It doesn’t get much rougher than mine sites; vehicles are loaded to the hilt and forced to run long trips all day. The Stability Plus Spring System stood the test of time above all its competitors, providing each vehicle with added safety and performance, eliminating up to 95% of body-roll, reducing harsh rebound and providing better traction. By preloading itself in the upwards direction, the Stability Plus Spring System is able to adjust the payload pressure dynamically, giving a comfortable and level ride.

A rolling shackle ensures the spring has flexible range of movement so the third stage can work without restriction. Greasable pins and shackles provide a smooth and comfortable operation and a rear hanger equipped with a rubber bump stop, keeps the spring in line and without distortion.

Every aspect of the Stability Plus Spring System has been engineered to the highest level of precision and innovation, rendering other leaf spring Spring products as ‘mundane’.