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Stability Plus Spring System best suited for all your heavy, off road and towing needs

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The Stability Plus Spring System is a world leader in self-correcting leaf spring design. It will adapt instantly to your load and requirements. Especially suited to trades vehicles, campers and off roaders, the Stability Plus range will:

  • Reduce body roll
  • Improve safety and control
  • Greatly improve towing stability and load carrying
  • Give you an amazing ride

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Stability Plus Stabilizer to reduce body roll, improve towing performance add stability to your ride 

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The revolutionary Stabilizer’s greaseable swing shackles allow the Stabilizer to move and twist with the leaf spring without any trouble, thereby providing maximum comfort, awesome stability and load handling

The Stabilizer is the world’s newest after market add-on suspension for your:

  • 4×4
  • Trade vehicle / Ute / Van
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Pick-up Truck

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Fabricated, Machined, Pressed & Precision Turned Steel Components

Shackels and Springs Half

Whether it’s bull bars, trailer frames, springs, U bolts or Shackles, If you need it, we can supply direct from the manufacturer at great value. Our manufacturing division is certified to ISO9001 2008 so your quality and compliance to standard is assured.

Producing the highest quality fabricated steel products since 1958, our steel fabrication arm has been proven time and time again to be up with the best in the business while offering significant benefits to you through our leaner and more efficient production process.

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